• More than 1,900 community park development projects, including ball fields, playgrounds, pools, picnic areas and recreation centers have been made possible by Keystone Fund grants.

    Park & Recreation
  • The Keystone Fund has helped to preserve more than 154,000 acres of green space for county and municipal parks, greenways, wildlife habitat and open space uses.

  • The Keystone Fund was created with overwhelming support in the Pennsylvania legislature in 1993. The vote was 48-0 in the Senate and 196-3 in the House.  Pennsylvanians strongly affirmed this action, with 67% of voters voting, in November 1993, to supplement the Keystone’s permanent funding stream with $50 million in bond revenues.

  • The Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund helps communities help themselves — a great deal for state government. Each dollar of Keystone Fund investment typically leverages three dollars or more in direct local investments in our parks, trails, community green spaces and libraries.


Pine Creek Rail Trail: World Class Destination

Hiking along the Pine Creek Rail Trail, one is met by fellow hikers, bicyclists, horse back riders, dog walkers, bird watchers, fishermen…some with a destination, others just enjoying the path more or less traveled.  It is a destination in itself as well as a pathway to places worthy of exploration. The 62-mile trail stretches through […]


White Rocks: An Epic Conservation Story

Standing on the white rocky cliffs along the Appalachian Trail, one is well rewarded for the mostly uphill hike to get there:  a breathtaking panoramic view of farms and forest.  Once threatened by development, 850 acres of forested ridgeline are now permanently protected, safeguarding an unbroken forest habitat, amazing geological formations and a place to […]